Before and After: Master Bedroom

by Christina Geyer on July 5, 2012 · 7 comments

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I had meant to post this months ago, the photos were taken in February, but better late than never, right?

Here is our bedroom before I got to work:



And here is a lamp that the previous owners left for us in the living room:

Lamp from living room, Before

I had planned to spray paint it gold, but once I cleaned and polished it, I thought it was perfect as is. The small lamp shades are from House Doctor, I got them from Das Tropenhaus. We shortened the chain and placed it in our bedroom. The finished product:

Lamp from living room, After

We wanted to make the wall behind the bed a focal point, and went back and forth on what to do there, finally I came upon this great wallpaper from Graham and Brown. The print is called Vitality and I ordered it from I love love love it and it almost always gets a “Wow!” when people first see it.

Master Bedroom, After

The dressers and nightstands are Ikea Hemnes, and we had it in our old place, the wardrobe is new. The trunk is from Habitat.

Master Bedroom, After

The bed is the Marriott bed, which we bought here in Germany. It is an American-style bed, with a single 200cmx200cm mattress on top of a pair of box springs. The bed is great and very comfortable. Some of the other hotels also sell American-style beds, so if you are in the market, check around. The bedding is Calvin Klein Cayman set, I brought it over in a suitcase from the US.

Master Bedroom, After

I picked the wall colors from colors that are in the wallpaper. I wanted the room to be warm, cozy and romantic.

Master Bedroom, After

I still need curtains, in every room, in fact, but haven’t found anything right yet. At some point I will get to a fabric store or curtain shop, but I haven’t done it yet.

Master Bedroom, After

My current project is working on the garden. Last year the inside got renovated and redecorated, this year I’m giving the same treatment to the garden. What are you working on?

  • jonquil

    Gorgeous! That truly is some stunning wallpaper. With a lovely summer view, the curtains can wait another month or so, yes?

  • Kathleen

    What a yummy space you two have created for yourselves! Looks very comfortable and lovely to look at… good job!

  • Vicky

    Wow, I *LOVE* this room, particularly those cute lamp shades! What a neat idea!!!

  • SnookerInBerlin

    Love the light, it really brings the room together.
    Hard work, but it is worth it, eh?

  • Lisa Belgique

    Wow, the before/after situation is impressive, beautiful decoration and on top of that, the view from the window looks very nice.

  • ruth

    I just happened upon your blog whilst looking for some comments on green sauce (I live near FF) and when I discovered the blog was currently inactive, I wanted to see if you still lived in Germany. Then I came across your before/after photos…and they are inspiring.
    I am also an expat and recently moved into a larger home after spending 16 years in a small place with my four children. I definitely need to do some decorating as the place is all white. I wish I had a bit more confidence and help but I will tackle it when I finish clearing out the old house…which should be soon.
    I will check back here for more ideas! thanks.

  • Danny

    What a pretty room, it’s as lovely as something out of Elle Decoration!

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