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by Christina Geyer on June 5, 2012 · 17 comments

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It’s been months since I posted, so I thought I might as well make it official.

Three weeks ago, I had my 10 years living in Germany anniversary. I didn’t even realize it until late in the evening of the anniversary. I thought hard about writing something to commemorate it, but I couldn’t come up with a single idea. I just don’t have anything more to say about the subject than what I have already written about over the 8 years that I’ve kept this blog.

At this point, I am basically German. Or American-German. I’ve made my life here now.

There are things I could write about. I know there are plenty of helpful things I could discuss that would be great for new expats, but my heart isn’t in it any more and I don’t enjoy writing posts that I don’t feel passionate about. My family make me happy. Reading, cooking, decorating, and gardening make me happy, so that’s what I’m doing now to fill my time.

Maybe things will change in the future, but right now, blogging feels more like a chain around my neck than an outlet for my creativity. Leo is going to start day care in September, so I’m going to have the whole morning all to myself (Shopping alone! I can’t wait!). Maybe I’ll find inspiration to blog again. Or maybe not. Either way, I will keep doing what I enjoy.

I’m keeping the archives up because I hope they will be helpful to people. Some of my best articles can be found under Top Posts and Top Expat Tips. Feel free to comment, even on old articles. I’ll chime in from time to time, but I also have lots of great readers who are very helpful and encouraging.

I’ll also post to Twitter and Facebook occasionally if I have anything quick to say or find an article I think my readers would find interesting.

So, for now, at least, good bye and good luck!

  • Migraine Meister

    Thank you for everything you’ve written here. Great decision trotzdem – to everything there is a season. I wish you all the best and continued happiness!

  • Linda

    I really enjoyed your posts. I went to Germany in ’94. It was my first time going outside the U.S. Not many in my family have had such an opportunity. I am still considering retiring as an expat. Limited funds may prohibit that. But a gal can dream. Thanks and be happy! Regards to your family.

  • Penny

    Hey Christina, I loved reading you blog over the last 5 years (wow I didnt realise it had been that long!!) Thanks for all the information!!

    Be happy :)

  • Maria S.

    I am sure we will see more of you when your little one is in day care, at least, I’d like to think so.
    I enjoy reading your blog too.
    Have a good summer!

  • Christina Geyer

    Thanks, Migraine Meister, Linda, Penny, and Maria :)

  • Carol

    I know the feeling. I used to blog EVERYTHING, and with no effort at all. Now it’s a chore… and that doesn’t feel right. Still, I feel that I owe it to the “history book of our family” and to my few faithful readers to continue.

    I’ll keep up with you on Facebook! Don’t leave there!


  • Charmian

    I understand completely. Thank you for helping me transition to German life a bit more easily. You’ve made this journey much less scary for me.


  • Carla

    Thanks for all your great blog posts and best wishes in everything you do. I will miss the photos of your adorable boys the most!

  • Gunni PKV

    Sorry for your stopping blogging.

    Guter Artikel …

  • Susi Bankenkonten

    I am sorry, tooo – keep it up running please.

    Never give up!

  • ian in hamburg

    I blame Facebook… it’s too easy.

  • Christina Geyer

    I think you’re right, Ian. Facebook replaced a lot of the need for blogging for me personally, but in the past few months I’ve been on FB less and less as well.

  • Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead

    Wow – it’s like the end of an era. I was just thinking about your blog and popping over here to see how you’re doing… and find this. After blogging for more than 6 years, I can definitely understand the ups and downs. Funny enough, now that we’ve been here in Germany for 11 years (incredible since we said 2-3 years at most lol), I seem to get more and more requests to build out expat posts that I never wrote all those years ago. And it’s a bit strange to think back to those initial years when it felt like life was so upside down.

    Perhaps it’s the part of me that knows one day we’ll leave Germany and I want to document as much of that as I can for the future that keeps me going. Plus I write about so much more than that on No Ordinary Homestead and there’s so much changing now that we’re in Berlin. Perhaps one day you’ll decide to start blogging again, but with more of a focus on your life now instead of just being an expat. 😉

    All the best to you and your family, with wherever life leads you!!

  • Alex

    So, it’s 2013 and I just wanted to let you know that your blog is still helpful to a relatively new expat. :) Thank you for leaving up the archives.

  • Randy Tate

    Nice blog i read some of your articles great work i m an old American-German myself after living their for 26 years before my divorce made me return to the US this past summer!!! But i’m looking forward to returning i loved it their( I lived in Hohenloher area) & my niece and husband live not too far from Regensburg …ein schone stadt well only time will tell but i made so many friends and was all over Europe that i miss European lifestyle …sound stupid but true and thanks for making such a cool blog.. FB is over rated anyway!!!!!

  • Mandy Indonesia

    Thanks, Cristina. I have also enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to read your posts.

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