Real German Cuisine Challenge: Dampfnudeln mit Weinschaum (Yeast dumplings with wine sauce)

by Christina Geyer on October 12, 2009 · 5 comments

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This week’s recipe challenge was Dampfnudeln mit Weinschaum or sweet yeast dumplings with wine sauce.  There are only two words to describe this recipe: FREAKING DELICIOUS!

Somehow, I’d managed to live over 7 years in Germany without ever having Dampfnudeln.  Regensburg just happens to have a restaurant, Dampfnudel Uli, that top German chef Alfons Schuhbeck says makes the best Dampfnudeln.  Even Ronald Reagan enjoyed their Dampfnudeln.  A couple weeks ago, I decided, as research, that I needed to try these dumplings.

The dumplings at Dampfnudel Uli are quite spongy and square shaped (so different from this recipe).  They are served with a delicious vanilla cream sauce.  I was an instant convert.  I couldn’t wait to try this recipe out.

It’s a lot of kneading, but if you’ve got a breadmaker or mixer that can do the kneading for you, this recipe is very, very easy. I made it for a friend, An, a Dampfnudeln fan, who said these were the best Dampfnudeln she has ever had.  The Dampfnudeln from this recipe are heavier than those from Dampfnudel Uli.  They have more of a doughy consistency.  The small amount of butter in the cooking water makes the outer crust of the Dampfnudeln SO tasty.  The wine sauce was delicious, although very strong alcohol-wise, and it paired well with the dumplings.  I also bought some Dr Oetker Bourbon Vanille Sauce at the grocery store to serve with the Dampfnudeln for the kids.  This combo was delicious as well.  If I was pressed for time, making the Dampfnudeln with some store-bought vanilla sauce is still impressive and very tasty.

One thing, it did take a little longer on the stove to sizzle (the sign the Dampfnudeln are done) than the recipe stated.

I highly recommend this recipe.  Try it, try it, try it!!!

Dampfnudeln mit Weinschaum (Yeast dumplings with wine foam)

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Upcoming challenges!

  • October 19 – Kaninchen mit Pilzen (Rabbit with mushrooms) – I will be substituting chicken here since we had rabbits as house pets and can’t imagine eating one.  I believe there are at least two rabbit versions that will be posted though.

I will get to work on translating and planning more upcoming challenges ASAP.

Feel free to join in anytime. Want more Real German Cuisine? Check out the full recipe list organized by German state.

  • Stephanie

    It was good! Wish I would have just made vanilla sauce – the wine sauce was a little much for me! Perfect comfort food!
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Dampfnudeln mit Weinschaum (Sweet yeast dumplings with wine cream) =-.

  • Rhona

    Uuummm, so good. I totally can taste it. I love Damphnudeln!
    .-= Rhona´s last blog ..Do you have a life plan? =-.

  • Dave

    Ooh, SNAP! That looks *really* good! Never heard of it with a wine sauce, might have to try that sauce the next time I crack open a pack of Germknödel.

    I’ll be having some Japanese food this weekend, cooked by genuine people from Japan (I think), okonomiake or something like that. Looking forward to it so much… mmm!
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Empire State After Dark =-.

  • baroquebabies

    OK, that looks delicous, I will have to try it. This summer, my mother-in-law made Dampfnudlen served with her hand-picked wild blueberries sort of half mashed into a sauce. Delicious! I’ve since been inspired to try something like it myself
    .-= baroquebabies´s last blog ..Tights for boys =-.

  • Maria Miller

    I have been looking for this wein sauce recipe for years. I was born in Germany near Heidelberg, my parents are both German and Igrewup in the states eating nothing but German food. My mother use to make this wein sauce. After she passed away my sister and I searched through all her recipes for this and could not find it. I have asked every German website for this and no one could figure out what I was talking about. So many thanks, you have made my day!

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