Real German Cuisine Challenge: Wuerzfleisch mit Pilzen (Pork ragout with mushrooms)

by Christina Geyer on October 5, 2009 · 10 comments

This week’s recipe, Würzfleisch mit Pilzem (Pork ragout with mushrooms), comes from the “Niedersachsen and Bremen” section of the Echte Deutsche Küche cookbook.  Niedersachsen is the northwest corner of Germany and has a North Sea coastline.  The state of Bremen contains two cities, Bremen and Bremerhaven.  This was one of the main ports where German emigrants left for the United States, so if you have German ancestors who emigrated to America several generations or more ago, chances are they went through either Bremen or Hamburg.  You can find out more at the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven.

Making Würzfleisch mit Pilzen (pork ragout with mushrooms)

As the recipe indicated, this dish was, in fact, very uncomplicated and easy to make.  I was a little taken aback by frying bacon in lard, but rolled with the punches figuring it ought to be pretty tasty with that much fat.  In actuality, I found this dish kind of bland.  I was surprised considering the bacon, lard and chanterelle mushrooms, but there was nothing really remarkable about it.  We all agreed that it was just okay, so I probably wouldn’t make this again, even with how easy it was.

I am really looking forward to making the Dampfnudeln this week though, and I hope some others will join in on making the rabbit next week.  I had pet rabbits, so I can’t do it.  Actually, I offered Rainer that I would be willing to make the dish with wild hare, but he said he still couldn’t eat it, so we’re substituting chicken.  If you want to join in though, there are frozen rabbits aplenty in our local Real freezer section, so I imagine they’re pretty available here in Germany.  Not sure about availability in the US or other countries though, so it might be worth checking into early.

Würzfleisch mit Pilzen (pork ragout with mushrooms)

Other participants:

Upcoming challenges!

  • October 12 – Dampfnudeln mit Weinschaum (Sweet yeast dumplings with wine cream)
  • October 19 – Kaninchen mit Pilzen (Rabbit with mushrooms) – I will be substituting chicken here since we had rabbits as house pets and can’t imagine eating one.  Would be nice if someone did the rabbit version.

Feel free to join in anytime. Want more Real German Cuisine? Check out the full recipe list organized by German state.

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