Real German Cuisine Challenge: Rehruecken mit Pfifferlingen (Venison with chanterelle mushrooms)

by Christina Geyer on September 27, 2009 · 5 comments

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This week’s recipe was Rehrücken mit Pfifferlingen (Roasted saddle of venison with chanterelle mushrooms).  This recipe is from the state of Baden-Württemburg, the southwestern-most state in Germany, containing the Black Forest and the city of Stuttgart and Heidelberg.  We weren’t able to get ahold of venison saddle (that’s the back with the filets attached), so we ended up using frozen venison goulash that we bought at Aldi.

Making Spaetzle

Making the spaetzle batter

Just like when I made spaetlze before for Käsespätzle, I found the batter much too thick.  I didn’t really know that it was too thick last time, but this time I recognized that and added more water until the batter held bubbles when whipped.  It was almost double the amount of water the recipe called for.


Cooking the chanterelles in butter

While the batter was resting I cooked the chanterelles.  These are everywhere in Germany right now, and our local supermarket was even having a special on them.

Making Spaetzle

Using a Spätzlehobel

Instead of using a knife and board like I did last time, I borrowed a Spätzlehobel from the neighbors.  It was a lot easier on the arm muscles than doing it by hand and the spaetzle turned out just as delicious.

Venison with Chanterelles and Spaetzle

Venison goulash with chanterelles

The original recipe called for serving the venison filet with the sauce, but since I was using goulash, I just cooked the venison goulash in the sauce.  Unfortunately, the venison goulash from Aldi was not particularly special, there wasn’t much of a venison taste to it, it could have been beef.  The dish was tasty, especially the sauce, but the meat was a little disappointing.

We served this with lingonberry sauce, which in the US could be replaced with cranberry sauce, and with red cabbage.

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  • Kim H

    MMMMMM Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!
    I perked up when I saw where this recipe comes from since that’s where my ancestors lived in the early 1700’s, before immigrating to Canada!
    .-= Kim H´s last blog ..The Salon =-.

  • Kristi Jalics

    I enjoy your blog, which I just discovered, a lot. I lived in Germany in the early 70s with my husband (who left Hungary at the age of 11 with his family in 56) and I have a lot of German ancestors and a son in law who is from Bavaria (he met my daughter during her junior year abroad). I miss the more available game meat in Europe. And I make spaetzle with a very similar tool (though I mostly make it to go with Hungarian Csirke Paprikas). The Hungarians call spaetzle “gnokkedli” which is certainly a German or at least Austrian name but perhaps from the Italian word Gnocci).

    Two of my brothers in law live in Germany (in Ravensburg and in Gries, near Coberg) and we were just there for a family wedding. So nice to reconnect with these relatives and with the wonderful bread and rolls and red-tiled houses.
    .-= Kristi Jalics´s last blog ..Alexander McCall Smith =-.

  • Dave

    Mmm, that looks like what I had last night at Unionsbräu! Wildgoulasch, Spätzle, Preiselbeersoße, mmm… SO GOOD!

    I think that cranberry sauce (and lemon, if applicable) have to be introduced to schnitzel and stew eaters in the US. In fact, there should be a law about it, it’s so good.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..The Imster Achterbahn =-.

  • Lynda

    Looks delicious.. and I promise to join in as soon as my life is not being produced out of a box or a suitcase. I adore Pfifferlingen and hang out for the season…have eaten more than my share this year. I was hauled out to my first ever Tupperware party a couple of weeks ago and ordered the Spätzle Maker.. they tell me it is good. Will let you know.
    .-= Lynda´s last blog ..Granny Nap =-.

  • Kristin

    This looks like a great recipe as I’m always looking for interesting things to make with venison (my husband his family are avid hunters). I was going to put a new entry in my blog about making schnitzl with venison and was looking for the proper translation of the word “venison” as Babelfish translates it to “Wildbret”. (I studied German in college, perhaps why I am particularly curious about the translation.) Any help would be appreciated and I shall certainly be back to check out what else you’re cooking.
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Supper tonight =-.

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