Weekly Winners – 29 March 2009

by Christina Geyer on March 29, 2009 · 13 comments

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March 22-28, 2009

Proud mess-maker

On Sunday, I made Sauerbraten, and Oliver made a mess, throwing all my chopped vegetables on to the floor – but Charlie helped clean up

Remember to scoop the poop!

Storm approaching

Jar of homemade vanilla extract (you can read my how-to post if you’re interested in doing this yourself – it’s totally worth it)

The Laaber river in Papiermühle (the place name translates to Paper Mill, and that’s what it was)

Chapel in Papiermühle

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  • http://hipchickshome.blogspot.com/ hip chick

    I love the storm approaching and the moss on the tree. I’m always trying to get a shot of moss but it never comes out right. I like that you didn’t get to close. I’m so making my own vanilla. That stuff is so expensive!

    hip chicks last blog post..weekly winners ~ 29 March

  • http://schubergschatten.blogspot.com Kelly

    Wouldn’t the scoop yer poop poster be so much more effective with a little toddler hand there instead of a shoe? We have a path here with one of those signs, but no one seems to care…we don’t walk there with the little one anymore, even in the stroller.

    What’s better about vanilla extract? I have just started baking again this week (dh’s birthday, and we are gluten/dairy intolerant, so cakes only come from my oven) and I felt that the Alnatura Bio Bourbon-Vanilla Zucker worked pretty well as a substitute, but then I made stuff with chocolate and hazelnuts, so the vanilla was really a background flavor. Do you think that vanilla extract holds its flavor better in baking?

    Kellys last blog post..Why are we here, now?

  • http://secretmomthoughts.blogspot.com Secret Mom Thoughts

    I love the first shot. His shirt is too cute and I love the smile. I also love the storm approaching shot.

    Secret Mom Thoughtss last blog post..Weekly Winners

  • http://secretagentmama.com/blog SECRET AGENT MAMA

    The third shot, of the storm approaching, took my breath away.

    Love watching your little guy grow up right before our very eyes!

    SECRET AGENT MAMAs last blog post..Weekly Winners LXXI

  • http://heavenisinbelgium.blogspot.com Jientje

    He is some piece of work, isn’t he? I enjoyed your pictures!
    I would love to make my own vanilla essence, I’m very curious to know how to!

    Jientjes last blog post..Weekly Winners, Bruges … Through my Eyes

  • http://ifmomsaysok.wordpress.com Tara R.

    The chapel is stunning, and I love the first shot… the T-shirt says it all. HA!

    Tara R.s last blog post..Weekly Winners ~ thru my window

  • http://nennisworld.blogspot.com Jenni

    Love all those pictures; my favorite has to be the tree thought; but that chapel runs a close second.

    Jennis last blog post..Weekly Winners #12

  • http://www.weberphoto.net/blog Nik

    I’m definitely going to check out the home-made vanilla extract how to. ANd that’s a wonderful photo!

    Niks last blog post..Weekly Winners 5

  • http://tgaw.wordpress.com Vicky

    I still love Oliver’s big blue eyes, but man– that chapel shot is really powerful– I love it. I’m also fond of the mossy branches! :)

    Vickys last blog post..Weekly Winners – March 22, 2009 – March 28, 2009

  • http://alguires.blogspot.com Elaine

    Your little guy’s smile is so cute! And that chapel is so wonderful – thanks for sharing that!

    Elaines last blog post..Weekly Winners 3/29

  • http://www.smoochiefrog.com Smoochiefrog

    Love the storm approaching pic!

    Smoochiefrogs last blog post..Weekly Winners 3/29/09

  • http://joeyelissasophia.blogspot.com punk rock mom

    i love that chapel!!

    punk rock moms last blog post..Weekly Wieners

  • http://www.amiexpat.com Christina Geyer

    Thanks, everyone!

    @kelly: It would be better with a toddler’s hand, but also really disturbing. I think vanilla sugar is great, as good as vanilla extract. I meant making your own extract is much better than buying extract from the store. You can make your own vanilla sugar as well, just put a split bean in a closed container with some sugar.

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