You’ve Got Mail

by Christina Geyer on January 29, 2009 · 6 comments

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I was just watching You’ve Got Mail, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, from back in the 90’s and a couple things really struck me.  Dial up – remember that?  Okay, according to my web stats, a few of my readers use dial up, and when I lived in Rostock and Potsdam, that too was my only option, but AOL on dial up really brings back the memories.  I’m trying to remember if we had dial up already before I left home for college.  I know at least the first half of high school my online activities were all bbs-based, but we did get AOL at some time.  I remember the sound of dialing, the modem connecting, and then those words, “You’ve got mail.”

Major chain bookstores also get dissed in the movie for having employees who’ve “never read a book,” which I’ve found to be quite untrue.  I’ve always found the employees at the major bookstores to be book lovers themselves and have been turned onto some really interesting books when I’ve asked for suggestions.  Independent booksellers, on the other hand, when I have wandered into their shops, seem a little full of themselves.  They’re very friendly to their regulars, I noticed, but you know what, I’m not going to become a regular if you’re going to give me attitude.

Health-wise, I’m only doing slightly better, but there is an end to the misery in sight.  I had a little scare where I thought I might have mono, but it ends up I only have bacterial tonsillitis and the flu.  It still sucks, but it’s better than what could have been.

Paradiis Cranberry-Raspberry JuiceI made a wonderful discover through my illness yesterday.  A friend brought groceries over, walked Charlie and made lunch for Oliver and I, and one of the items she brought was 100% not-from-concentrate Paradiis cranberry-raspberry juice that she bought at her local Edeka.  It’s not carried at mine, but that’s not particularly surprising, mine doesn’t even have not-from-concentrate orange juice.  I’m going to have to scope out the other stores in the area to see how widespread this juice is.  It’s also not CranRaspberry like I’d expect in the US, it’s thicker, more in the direction of a smoothy, but I figure that means there’s more fiber and other good stuff in there.  So, cranberry juice loving expats, keep an eye out for this juice in the refrigerator section of your local supermarket.

  • Bopper

    I remember watching that movie at the time and thinking it was behind the times even then….like some movie executive said “I heard about this email thing and we should do a movie about that”

  • Christina G

    @Bopper: True! I remember thinking the same thing when it came out. I’m sure it was during the AOL is so uncool era.

  • Tammy

    I have been looking for a good cranberry juice. Good to know. We’ll have to see if they carry it in the Stadt.

  • Angela

    Hi Christina,
    I love that movie. I don’t know why, it’s pretty goofy but cute. I could never stand AOL though. That juice sounds yummy, hope you feel better soon.

  • Diane Mandy

    I also hope your feeling better soon!

    Diane Mandys last blog post..Deep thought of the day or too much wine?

  • мepтвeц

    Да, таких полезных блогов я еще не видел! Этот блог даст фору многим сайтам ( по содержанию и не только)! Шесть баллов!

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