Weekly Winners – 23 November 2008

by Christina Geyer on November 23, 2008 · 22 comments

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November 16 – November 22, 2008

Frying Pan ParkFrying Pan Park

Oliver trying on his raincoatOliver at Grandma's

It snowed in Virginia this week!Snow in November in Virginia

Uncle Christopher swinging OliverOliver at Algonkian Playground

Oliver at Algonkian PlaygroundOliver at Algonkian Playground

Self-portrait: Me and OliverChristina and Oliver

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  • http://devotedmama.blogspot.com connie

    These are ALL super~Oliver is such a cutie pie! My faves are the raincoat one, the swinging one & the self portrait one is cute~ ♥ Oliver’s expression :)

    connies last blog post..Weekly Winners=Nov. 16-22 2008

  • http://rita.blogkade.de rita

    awww. bless him! he’s such a charmer!!!

  • http://mythreeringcircus.com tiff

    Oliver is very cute. I love the self portrait.

    tiffs last blog post..Weekly Winners – Morning fairies and other stuff.

  • http://maggiesmind.blogspot.com Maggie’s Mind

    These are beautiful shots! I love the first one. Of course, Oliver is adorable, and the self portrait is really awesome.

    Maggie’s Minds last blog post..Weekly Winners 11/23/08

  • http://secretmomthoughts.blogspot.com Vicky (Secret Mom Thoughts)

    My favorite is the swing shot. What great smiles by both!

    Vicky (Secret Mom Thoughts)s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  • http://www.diaperstodating.blogspot.com Lisa

    Those eyes! He’s such a cutie. The one of you two is great.

    Lisas last blog post..Photo Hunt

  • http://www.tiarastantrums.com/2008/11/weekly-winners_23.html Tiaras & Tantrums

    all beautiful

  • http://jeweledconcrete.blogspot.com Michelle

    Wow – Oliver is one cute kid! What a smile 😀

    Michelles last blog post..First Snow

  • http://www.CassandraRae.com Cassandra {Simply Fearless}

    Love the one with Uncle Christopher…they look like they are having so much fun!

    Cassandra {Simply Fearless}s last blog post..Weekly Winners: Sometimes

  • http://www.jeanetteverster.com Jeanette

    OK, I just have to ask… why Frying Pan park?

    Jeanettes last blog post..Watching him swim

  • http://alguires.blogspot.com Elaine

    Great shots of Oliver’s big blue eyes! What a cute little guy he is!

    Elaines last blog post..Scrappin’ Saturday Again!

  • http://www.dtemama.com Corina

    He is a cutie. Nice shots at the playground! His eyes are gorgeous.

    Corinas last blog post..Reflections and New Beginnings – Weekly Winners 11/16-11/22

  • http://www.mt-regensburg.com/blog/ Tammy

    Wow, his eyes just get more beautiful as her gets older. Now they have more of your shape with that striking blue. Good job on making such a good looking kid!

  • http://www.fromtheplanetofjanet.com the planet of janet

    love the self-portrait. you guys are so cute!

    the planet of janets last blog post..Grrrrrrr. Just … grrrrrrrrrr

  • http://rita.blogkade.de rita

    i don’t usually do this, but i thought you might get pleasure out of this and have something for nablopomo:


  • http://www.amiexpat.com Christina G

    Thanks all!

    @jeanette: I couldn’t find out why it’s called Frying Pan Park, but the website does say that the area has been known as Frying Pan since 1726. Maybe it’s unusually hot in the summer? 😉

    @rita: Good idea, I’ll go do it now.

  • http://rita.blogkade.de rita

    my blog is down. ::headdesk::

    they are having trouble with the server again.

  • http://www.amiexpat.com Christina G

    Aww man, now I gotta come up with something to write about for today!

  • http://rita.blogkade.de rita

    the blog is running again — but only veeeeeery slowly. sorry for the trouble.

  • http://www.martinisfortwo.com Diane Mandy

    Oliver is just too adorable!

    Diane Mandys last blog post..Lord of the Rings

  • http://from-the-corner-of-my-eye.blogspot.com/ bek

    I guess I missed the snow here:(
    Cute pictures of Oliver!

    beks last blog post..Wieder mal Zeit… time again

  • http://www.amiexpat.com Christina G

    @bek: It was really just flurries, but it was coming down for about half a day out here in Reston.

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