I’m going to be interviewed on WNPR about the US election!

by Christina Geyer on October 27, 2008 · 11 comments

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That’s right, this Wednesday, I’ll be one of a panel of expat bloggers from around the world on Connecticut Public Radio‘s morning news show, Where We Live, giving views on how the US election is perceived abroad.  I’ve been given some of the questions I’m going to be asked ahead of time, and I’d love to have your answers too, to share with the listeners.  Here are some of the questions:

  1. As an “expat blogger” what do you blog about when it comes to the election?
  2. What are people saying about American politics in Germany where you live?
  3. What is the general sense of how Americans are perceived?
  4. What are you hearing from your friends and family stateside?
  5. Do you wish you were in the US during this election season?
  6. How are you keeping up with American politics?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment or write a post on your blog and leave a note in the comments.  If you’re interested, you can listen live to the program, airing at 9am EST, 2pm CET. And wish me luck, I’ve never done a live “on air” interview before.

  • http://www.theblythespirit.com Blythe

    That’s great! I’ll try to listen! Will they have it on their site so we can listen later, in case I miss it?

    See my latest post and the comments thread for a good discussion about how Americans (and their reluctance to travel abroad) are viewed by Europeans.

  • http://vakdad.blogspot.com g

    Good luck on your interview! If there is a podcast, let me know!
    I have made a stab at answering your questions on my blog.

  • http://pleite.wordpress.com BiB

    I only feel vaguely qualified to comment on question 2 but I can certainly say, as a foreigner, than I’ve never seen foreigners so interested in an American election, and I hope that’s not just my memory playing tricks on me (although there might also be an element of fatigue. Election build-ups do seem to last almost as long as the presidential mandate). Could be because I’ve never met more Americans than since moving to Berlin. But I suppose no-one has polarised public opinion in recent times more than Dubya, hence the redoubled interest.

    Then the battle for the Democratic nomination was a gripping story in itself. Hillary. Obama. Such personalities.

    Perhaps you have access to a better cross-section of Americans than I do but I haven’t met a single one who’s planning to vote Republican.

    Love to you all down there. So wonderful to meet Oliver – and to see you again, of course – the other week.

    BiBs last blog post..Face-off

  • http://www.amiexpat.com Christina G

    Oops! Forgot to put one of the questions in. It’s #6 up there: “How are you keeping up with American politics?” Sorry bout that!

    @Blythe: Interesting post. I think a year abroad would even be in order. Either study-abroad or a peace corp mission or something to that effect.

    @g: Thanks! They do have a podcast. I’ll link to it once they put it up, although since I’m flying to the US Thursday, it might have to wait till Friday.

    @BiB: I don’t think it’s just you. I was here in 2004 and don’t remember quite this much attention being paid to the election – although it was still plenty. Out of all the Americans I know here, I’ve met one whose Republican and undecided.

  • http://www.regensblog.com Sarah

    That’s so cool!! I’m excited to listen to the podcast – that’s actually how I end up getting a lot of my information on the election.

    It’s really hard to get a ‘Just the facts, ma’am’ report anymore. Everyone’s got a bias. But it’s never that hard to figure out what the bias is. Just keep that in mind when listening and you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • JA

    Congrats Christina! That is exciting.
    I don’t yet have a blog so here are my answers:
    2. People are talking more about the financial crisis where I live, but the there is definitely pro-Obama sentiment.
    3. This depends on which Americans. Americans, in general, are perceived as normal people with different life experiences at least among the Germans I know. Of course, there is also the perception of American tourists as loud uncultured.
    4. Lots of cheerleading: Obama! Obama! As well as some fear that it is all too good to be true and this election will slip from us Democrats again.
    5. Yes, but primarily for the 24-hr news channels that I don’t get here. I will be attending an all-night election party in Frankfurt though.
    6. News web sites, pod-casts, newspapers.

  • http://www.lucidindeutschland.net Hezamarie

    How exciting! You are going to be a great panelist.

  • http://atouchofdutch.blogspot.com Isabella

    This is very cool! The part I’ve enjoyed the most about the election coverage is the LACK of those negative ads. I haven’t been influenced one single bit by a negative ad, and this has been refreshing! I’ve been able to make a choice also based on what I see from outside of the box. Because, really, my eyes have been opened since I’ve been outside of the U.S. And I appreciate America more than I did while living there. So, with this in mind, it effected my voting decision in a positive way. I’ll be listening to the show!

    Isabellas last blog post..What’s This: Are You Sick?

  • http://atouchofdutch.blogspot.com Isabella

    And by lack of negative ads, I mean because we don’t see them over here.. Felt I needed to clarify this, what I wrote in my last comment 😉

    Isabellas last blog post..What’s This: Are You Sick?

  • http://www.wnpr.org John Dankosky

    Hey, I’m the host of the WNPR show, and I’m thrilled that you’re blogging about it. Can’t wait to talk! Anyone out there who has any answers to these questions – or anything else they’d like to say about the global perspective on the US election, shoot us an email: wherewelive@wnpr.org…or, post a comment on our blog: http://www.cpbn.org/article/blogging-around-world-part-1

  • http://www.wnpr.org John Dankosky

    Thanks so much for being a part of our show today. Great insight from all the panelists, and we got a ton of phone calls from foreign expats living in Connecticut!

    John Dankoskys last blog post..Conversations at the World Cafe

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