Regensburg Expat Weekend 2008 – Saturday & Sunday pics

by Christina Geyer on June 23, 2008 · 6 comments

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I’d say the weekend was a success. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and got to meet some new folks at the same time.

Saturday started out with a city tour. Pictured above is the cathedral as viewed from Bischofshof. It was started in 1275 and completed in 1869. The tower (Donkey Tower) on the left of the picture was from the previous church, and was left up and used as scaffolding.

The Stone bridge, built between 1135 and 1146

Our group in front of the Historische Wurstküchl, possibly the oldest wurst place in Germany

Tower of the Rathaus (city hall)

Goliathaus fresco is from 1570 (it’s been restored from time to time). Many of the houses would have been decorated similarly at that time period.

Dinner Saturday night was at Osteria Siciliana. The waitstaff were entertaining, the chef came out to say hello, the location was great, but the food was just okay. I think it’d be worth going back to see if the food improves for parties smaller than 20 (that is a lot of simultaneous cooking, after all).

Sunday we headed over to the Armin Wolf Arena for the Baseball Eurocup final. Spain ended up winner over Italy, 12-11. It was a great game and although hot, lots of fun. Also, the stadium was not as empty as it appears. Many spectators chose to seek shade under the tents.

Bloggers in attendance: Cliff and Sarah of Regensblog, Tammy and Matthias of Coffee from a Cardboard Cup, Jul of This non-American Life, and Tim and Heather of Tim and Heather’s Sprocket Spot.

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  • tessa

    Since you seem to be the expert on how to acquire American goodies in Germany, I wanted to ask, where can I get something similar to parmesan cheese here, or what is it called?

    I did a google search and I learned that Germany is not allowed to sell cheeses called parmesan, and that what I had been eating in the U.S. (Kraft) was not technically parmesan either, but I would just like something similar to put on my pasta, etc.

    Thanks so much! :)

    tessas last blog post..Europa

  • Christina G

    Most stores have parmesan cheese, even our tiny little Edeka out here in Laaber sells it. It’s sold in blocks in either the refrigerated section or at the cheese counter. It’ll be called either Parmesankäse or Parmigiano-Reggiano. The larger stores also sometimes have grated parmesan for sale too. It’s usually in a plastic container or in an envelope.

  • http://none Sam

    Or you could buy a block of it and grate it yourself. I have standing orders to bring home a block every time I go to Italy because its so much cheaper here.

    Christina, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk, but maybe next time. If you chat with Joan, let her know that my wife would like to set a date with her to meet up sometime after school in Abbach. Also, please let me know when the next meetup is, my wife and I would like to come again with Sally.

  • Joan Oefner

    Hi Sam, I’ll send Gabi an email ASAP. It was fun to talk to her last week, we have a lot in common with our daughters.

  • Gardner

    Great pics of the city. Hopefully I can attend a future event.

    Gardners last blog post..Kau Boy (sounds like Cowboy)

  • KellyG

    Hi,My name is Kelly and I have just moved here from Englend and looking for some advice on were to go for a English Mother group as I speak very little German and have a 6 month old daughter and also looking to meet new people! If you have any help or advice it would be much appreciated.

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