Regensburg Expat Weekend Meetup (June 21-22, 2008): The Details

by Christina Geyer on May 14, 2008 · 17 comments

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Please spread the word! Mention the meetup on your blog!

I really hope you’ll join us in lovely Regensburg next month for the Regensburg Expat Weekend (you don’t have to be an expat to participate either). Regensburg lies at the confluence of the Regen and the Danube rivers, and was largely unbombed during WWII, leaving the medieval city center intact. The city includes outstanding examples of Roman, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. For this reason, the entire Altstadt (old city center) was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006.

Stone Bridge over the Danube
Regensburg cathedralMedieval Tower
Regensburg Neupfarrplatz

Where is Regensburg?

  • In Bavaria, about an hour northeast of Munich

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What’s the schedule? (if more people come, more events may be planned):

  • Friday – there are baseball games from 10:30am till about 9:30pm. We’ll likely go to the 3:30pm game.
  • Friday 8pm-whenever, Sarah and Cliff are organizing an evening get-together, for more information, see their post on Regensblog
  • Saturday 10am-12pm, morning baseball game, exploring the city, whatever you want to do.
  • Saturday 2:30pm, 1.5-2 hour guided city tour – the cost is 80 Euro for the entire group, with a limit of 30 participants (so with 20 people, the cost would work out to 4 Euro a head). We will be leaving from the west facade of the cathedral (between the cathedral and Haus Heuport) at 2:30pm.
  • Saturday 4:30-6:30pm, hanging at Gaststätte Spitalgarten, a beer garden along the river, just across the Stone Bridge
  • Saturday 6:30pm-whenever, join us for the monthly Regensburg Expat Dinner at Osteria Siciliana on Unterer Wöhrd. I also imagine some folks might want to watch the Eurocup Football Quarterfinal at 8:45pm.
  • Sunday, attend a baseball at the Armin-Wolf-Arena – for the diehard fans,* the games start at 9am, for the rest of us, we’ll attend the final game of the Baseball Eurocup 2008 at 3:30pm. Cost for the games is 10 Euro for a single day ticket, or 15 Euro for a family day ticket. There is limited seating, so bring lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on.

Where do I stay?

  • I’m recommending the Ibis Hotel Regensburg City as the official meetup hotel. Single rooms are 64 Euro/night (without breakfast). It’s located across the street from the train station, at the edge of the Altstadt.
  • Other possibilities are: Brook Lane Hostel (starting at 15 Euro/night), Hotel Karmeliten (starting at 52 Euro/night, including breakfast), and if you want to splurge a bit, there is the really beautiful, nice Hotel Orphee (starting around 137 Euro/night).
  • If your budget is really tight, let me know and we’ll see if a local can put you up for a night (much more likely if you’ve previously met said local)

How do I get there?

  • By train or by car are your best options. The closest airports are at Munich and Nuremberg.

Who’s coming for the tour on Saturday?

Who’s coming for the dinner Saturday night?

  • We are
  • J?
  • Tammy and Matthias
  • Jul and Scott
  • Heather and Tim
  • Cliff and Sarah
  • Joan and Hannah
  • Andrea and family (+2)
  • Anita
  • Sam and family (+2)

Who’s coming to the final game on Sunday?

Go to our TripHub site to sign up. You can leave a comment here too if you’re coming!

For more information see:

* for the really die hard baseball fans, the Baseball Eurocup starts on June 18th!

  • Tammy

    Your inspirational post make me want to live in Regensburg!!

  • Jul

    We plan to be there Saturday.

    Juls last blog post..Europe String and Veggie Chic looking for bloggers

  • Christina G

    @tammy: You so crazy girl!

    @jul: Shoot! I think I knew that. I’ll update in a moment.

  • rositta

    I’m bookmarking this for my next trip to Germany (September). Looks like a city I might like to see if Dresden doesn’t suit my friend. (she’s the driver). ..cial

    rosittas last blog post..Mount Indefatigable

  • Michael

    Those pictures look inviting! I posted a link, and we will absolutely consider it!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the invite! I’m actually going traveling to go hike in the Austrian Alps that weekend. I’ll pass the word on to some friends who live in Bavaria!


    Kevins last blog post..How to Visit a German City

  • Christina G

    @rositta: I’d say it’s a must see, although Dresden is pretty nice too.

    @michael: Thanks, and hope to meet you in June!

    @kevin: Thanks and have fun in the Alps!

  • Joe

    I like the layout, very bright, and easy to navigate. Those photos are amazing. Very nice.

  • Anita

    Hi Christina, We met briefly at Heather & Alex’s party. I’d love to attend the Sat activities from the tour onward. And I’ll do my research on UNESCO heritage sites before coming. Looking forward to it! Thanks, Anita

  • Sarah

    Hey there!

    Cliff and I are in for the dinner on Saturday and the final game on Sunday. We’ll also host the bar night on Friday. Details are posted at the Regensblog.

  • Christina G

    @joe: Thanks for taking the time to have a look!

    @anita: Hi there! I look forward to seeing you again. Happy researching!

    @sarah: Cool! I updated the post with the details and put it on the TripHub (but I didn’t make a discussion, I figure you can do that if you want)

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  • Hezamarie

    Hey Christina! Should we get the baseball tickets for the final in advance?

    Hezamaries last blog post..eigentlich kein Problem

  • Christina G

    I don’t think it’s possible to buy tickets in advance…

  • J

    I’m completely out due to my hurt leg. Sorry.

  • Jennifer Sobeck

    Hi Christina. I am a friend of Tammy’s. She mentioned the meet-up to me and I will try to make it (I currently live in Munich). Thanks for organizing this. -Jen

  • Christina G

    @J: Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

    @jennifer: Great! I hope to see you this weekend!

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