Fun in Regensburg

by Christina Geyer on April 27, 2008 · 10 comments

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I’m back and healthy again (I had one butt-kicking cold, Oliver had a runny nose for two days – thank goodness for breastfeeding!).  Spring has finally come, plus we had our monthly Regensburg meetup today – brunch did not prove all that popular in the end, so we’ll probably stick to dinners in the future, although I think that everyone who showed up enjoyed themselves and Rive Droite is highly recommendable for brunch (good eats for little money).  So I will now inundate you with photos of our recent exploits.

Restaurant Rive Droite in Regensburg
The location of the expat brunch, Rive Droite

April Expat Brunch

Table one: Mohammed, Monet, Guiseppe, Penny, Chris and Rainer

April Expat Brunch

Table two: Laura, James (I think – sorry I forgot your name!), Andrea, Alex, Kevin, and Leigh

April Expat Brunch

The pint-sized attendees

Regensburg Stadtpark

Springtime in the Regensburg Stadtpark (city park)

Regensburg Stadtpark

Magnolias in the Regensburg Stadtpark

And finally, some goodies from the best stocked American section in a local grocery store (at least that I’ve discovered so far):

American section of Edeka in the DEZ

American section of the Edeka in the DEZ

  • Maria

    Glad you are feeling better. I LOVE those bright blue eyes!

  • silvia

    I see, nothing has changed in 15 years with the selection of US foods. The price is a hit in the face:(

  • barbara

    Hi Christina,

    Nice to hear that you are feeling well.
    Great idea, these local expat get togethers :)
    Rainer is looking tired in the photo.But, the kids seem to be having lots of fun !

    Bye for now.

  • barbara

    Hey Christina,
    It’s me again.
    If you hop over to my blog, I borrowed your idea of the “questions & answers”.

    So, you ask me a question !

    Cheers 😉

  • lynda

    How come all those bloggers are so good looking? And are those babies real? The look delicious… how fun to all have the chance to meet up.

  • rita

    your wee one is such an adorable cutie!

    glad to hear you are healthy again!

  • http://www, Zhu

    Wow, the pictures look pretty cool!

    I don’t know much about Germany despite growing up in France. The old rivalry I guess… anyway, I’m curious about the country itself and your views as an expat (I’m French in Canada).

    Will be back with more “on topic” comments! 😉

  • Christina G

    @maria: I’m feeling better now, but Oliver is a poor little sick guy. I think the worst is over though, he’s smiling and playing a little today, but still doesn’t want to leave my arms.

    @silvia: Yeah, buying US food over here is a rare indulgence for us.

    @barbara: Rainer would like you to know that he was watching the kids play in the corner 😉 And I’m gonna hop over and ask a question in right after I post this!

    @lynda: The meetups are a lot of fun, but there’s not that many bloggers among us (anymore, we used to dominate!)

    @rita: Aw shucks! I’m healthy, but little Ollie is having a tough time (I think it’s teething). Rainer may have to go to Berlin soon, hopefully we can tag along and stop by and see you along the way.

    @zhu: Welcome! I look forward to hearing more from you in the comments!

  • rita

    that would be great if we could meet up. and then i’ll get to meet your little man for the first time. exciting!!! :)

  • Maria

    Awww, the town looks so beautiful.

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