Video Wednesday: Charlie plays fetch

by Christina Geyer on February 13, 2008 · 7 comments

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For the first Video Wednesday, I bring you Charlie playing fetch while Oliver watches (and laughs).  It’s about 4 minutes long, just to warn you.  And yeah, I know I sound like a goofball on videos.  Sorry bout that.

  • swenglishexpat

    What a lovely day out you had. And look who had to do all the running! No wonder he wanted a rest towards the end, what with Oliver happily watching and you just throwing the ball. I suppose you had to walk there and back! 😉

  • Tammy

    You so don’t sound like a goofball! I like the commentary much better than the silent camera specter making now sounds. Charlie cracks me up. He’s like a big baby.

  • Diane Mandy

    Wha cutie your Charlie is!!!! He plays fetch about as well as my Charlie does.

  • Maria

    Charlie is a fun dog! I love the shooting him and he plays dead. :)

  • Maria

    I was trying to type this in the “I know things look funny” comments, but it wouldn’t let me!

    “Hey– if you start a “video Wednesday,” I’d love to participate! I got a Flip for Christmas too, and while I won’t be using it to shoot the kid’s school play or anything, I am in love with shooting video on it! ” :)

  • barbara

    Hi Christina,
    Awwh… Oliver and Charlie are both so cute !
    Is Charlie a bilingual dog? He understands your commands in English and is darn clever ! Does Rainer speak to him in German ? Funny that I only speak to our animals in French !
    I think that Oliver will have a great headstart to understanding English . I find it correct that you speak to him in English, as a part of his heritage is North American. My Mom never wanted to speak to myself or my siblings in Japanese, and it’s kind of a shame.

    Great video; I enjoy your two stars 😉
    Take care.

  • Christina G

    @swenglishexpat: Yeah, but it’s not far 😉

    @tammy: Charlie really is just a big, giant, massive, enormous, very hairy toddler (with gas problems)!

    @diane: Yeah, my Charlie’s fetching needs a little work. :)

    @maria: It was actually not that hard to teach. I got it out of the Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book. And I’d love for you to participate in video Wednesday. Maybe I can start a new blogging thing! (Although I’m sure there are people out there doing it already).

    @barbara: Charlie is bilingual, but it’s mostly me that speaks to him in German. Rainer always speaks to him in English! My mom stopped speaking to us in Thai when I was young, so I don’t speak Thai. It really is a huge shame. No matter how much Oliver complains, I’ll be speaking English with him. I think it will definitely help that there is so much English around.

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