A little time for my tresses

by Christina Geyer on October 12, 2007 · 12 comments

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It’s been four months since my last haircut, so yesterday Sarah volunteered to babysit Oliver so that I could get a trim and highlights. It would be the first time I was apart from Oliver since he was born. I’d heard some moms can get terrible separation anxiety. Well, not me! Not that I don’t love my little dude, but I enjoyed every minute away.

After my highlights, haircut and complementary hand massage at Andrea Garburg, I picked up Oliver and met a new expat friend for lunch at, where else, L’Osteria. She’s awesome and amazing and I look forward to getting to know her better. Whoever said there are no expats in Regensburg?

And my aunt let me know that she’s mailed me the Hotsling I wanted, so sometime soon I’ll be able to breastfeed hands-free and Oliver won’t have to worry about me dropping food on him anymore as I clumsily try to feed myself left-handed.

Oliver & Christina in Passau
Christina pre-haircut

Christina's new haircut

Christina post-haircut

And don’t worry, I love my curls and they’ll be back when I wash my hair tonight.

In Oliver news, he can pretty much hold his head up on his own now and can even do it when we pull him from a laying to a sitting position. He gets a huge grin when we do that too, like, “Look ma! I did it!”

  • Carol

    Love the cut! It’ll look cute with curls, too.


  • rita

    very pretty, my dear! 😀

  • Blythe

    My first haircut after Theo was born felt like a tropical vacation!

  • Claire

    Very nice!

  • ChristinaG

    Thanks guys, and Blythe, your description fits the feeling perfectly!

  • Tammy B

    Nice hair! Isn’t that salon fabulous!? I can’t believe you already know more expats in Regensburg than I do!

  • barbara

    Hi Christina,
    Wasen’t that great to get some pampering?!
    That’s the first time that I saw you w/ your curls, and it is a change. Very nice :)
    Great for you too , to meet a fellow expat in town.
    When I think of it, I have only met one American here in my town.
    I’am a rare species here !

    See you soon.

  • Sarah

    Dang, that picture turned out quite nice. I had no idea that Thursday was the first time you’d left Oliver with anyone!

  • vailian

    Lovely! You look rested after a couple of hours without offspring!

  • ChristinaG

    @tammy: I love that place. And I meet all the expats through the blog!

    @barbara: It is nice to get pampered! Next time we’re in France, we’ll have to meet up!

    @sarah: It sure was. Before then I hadn’t felt right about leaving him, but now I’m completely okay with it!

    @vailian: It is nice to have a few hours of total freedom!

  • sognatrice

    Yeah for haircuts! Looks great–and I know what you mean about the curls coming back. I like to get mine straightened when I get it done, but I’ve yet to do it myself again at home (although my hair isn’t nearly as naturally curly as yours)!

  • ChristinaG

    @sognatrice: I tried straightening it once on my own and what a disaster that was! I leave it to the professionals.

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