Manic Monday

by Christina Geyer on August 6, 2007 · 8 comments

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This morning we had a visit from the Hebamme (midwife), who says that Oliver is “sehr gemütlich” (very laid-back) and unlike the last visit where Oliver drank heartily just to prove us wrong, he showed her his true drinking style and took 30 minutes to drink 60mL of formula while she poked and prodded him in an attempt to keep him awake the whole time. He’s no longer crying hardly at all and sleeps for 4-5 hours at a stretch during the night (I wake up after three hours and try to feed him but he’s unwakeable). He’s 3640 grams as of today and she wants him back at his birth weight (3820 grams) by Friday. That’s going to mean a big effort on all our parts.

I’m also improving – no more pain at all. I’m not where I should be healing-wise, but I’ve made progress.

I had planned to try and write up the birthing story today, but I just don’t have the time. I can see why some women lose weight like mad after giving birth. I hardly have time to eat. I’m just warming up my first meal of the day now, at 1:45pm. If you can believe it, I’m now a pound below my pre-pregnancy weight! Maybe, just maybe, this baby is the ticket to getting out of the German plus-size department! 😉

Today, Oliver and I are making a trip to the University to have cake and champagne (perhaps a small glass for me, and of course none for Oliver!) with Rainer’s colleagues. I’m thinking we might stay in Regensburg and try having dinner in the Altstadt (old town). I’ve been craving the ice cream at Diba the last couple days.

Sleepyhead - 31 July 2007

  • Bek

    I’m glad to hear that Oliver is doing better:)

  • rita

    your hebamme is right: oliver does look very laid back.

    i’m glad to hear that things are getting slowly back to normal. and YAY for pre-pregnancy weight!

    enjoy your evening out, dear!

  • Maria

    I LOVE the picture! How adorable!

    Also, I know you are really trying hard to get Oliver back to his birthweight, but I must share my favorite advice from my Hebamme. If the baby is sleeping, don’t wake him to eat. I wanted to kiss her for saying that!

    P.S. The glass of champagne won’t hurt you or Oliver. Ten might be too many though. 😉

  • BiB

    A friend of mine recently came to visit. It was the first time I’d seen her since she’d had her first baby, exactly a year before. And I’d never seen her looking thinner. She said her weight drops by whatever the baby’s goes up by. Baby now 9kg and she is 9kg lighter than when she gave birth.

    Glad to hear you’re both doing better. Hope Rainer and Charlie are being heroic.

  • ChristinaG

    @bek: He is. We took him out last night for fresh air and he’s been eating heartily since. I’m quite happy today.

    @rita: The evening was great. We had dinner with friends in a Biergarten. It was nice to be out of the house!

    @maria: I would follow that advice if he didn’t need to gain back so much. Maybe next week we can do that. And I had a couple sips of champagne 😉

    @BiB: I would love to drop 9kg. And Rainer and Charlie are coping 😉

  • ann

    Sorry for much delayed congratulations. Oliver is beautiful and I am so glad to read that you are feeling better.

  • april

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    P.S. Your son is ADORABLE!!!

  • ChristinaG

    @ann: Thanks!

    @April: Thanks! And I’ve already got a link to you on my blog and you’ve already got a link to me on your site!

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