Geburtsvorbereitung, Teil 4

by Christina Geyer on June 27, 2007 · 10 comments

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Another week, another class. On Monday, the husbands made their first appearance in birthing class and we officially crossed the halfway mark, only two more classes to muddle through now. We spent about an hour meditating all together, some at the beginning, some at the end. The instructor played New Agey music and said things like, “In the early days of your pregnancy, your baby looked like a boysenberry.” I’m all for meditation, but this stuff, not to mention that the room was about 1000 degrees, doesn’t work for me.

The men then introduced themselves and said what their expectations from the class were, most had few and stated they were there to do all they can to support their wives/girlfriends. The instructor then pulled out her baby doll, stuffed pelvis and mesh amniotic sac with placenta and demonstrated again how the baby makes it’s way through the birth canal. This time for the benefit of the men. She also showed us what forceps and a vacuum extractor look like.

All in all, somewhat of a waste of time for me. I want information and I don’t need it to be spoonfed to me multiple times. Rainer enjoyed the evening though and said it made him feel like a dad because he was finally doing something.

I’m wondering if labor is approaching a little early. Since Sunday I’ve been a cleaning and organizing freak. All the baby stuff is assembled and put away, except the smoke detector. I couldn’t push the drill up hard enough into the ceiling to make the holes deep enough. I mentioned this to Rainer when he got home last night and he just grunted. And people wonder why my hinting has a distinctly non-subtle edge to it. In addition, the windows are washed, the bedsheets are fresh, the cobwebs have been vacuumed out of all the corners – even in the storage room, and I’m fighting a serious urge to go pull the weeds out of the yard.

Yesterday we had a checkup at the ob/gyn. I had a problem with bone spurs in my feet a while back and that seems to be returning, the doc says it’s from all the estrogen running around in my body. I also haven’t gained any weight since my last visit, meaning that I’ve managed to lose some of the 1.7 kilos of water I had swelling my feet, wrists, legs and arms. She didn’t do a pelvic exam for some reason, Rainer guesses that maybe it’s something they just do every two weeks, but now I wish that she had.

Last night my contractions changed. They’re very strong now – I actually had to moan from a bad one this morning, they’re hitting me in the lower back as well, and are often accompanied by a feeling in my abdomen very similar to the cramps one has with diarrhea. They are still not regular, only occurring at most twice an hour, and they are still strongest in the area between my pelvic bone and belly button. So I’m not sure what to make of the difference. I’ve heard that real contractions start just under the ribcage and radiate downwards. I guess time will tell.

  • Martina


    the nesting and increased contractions is definitely a step in the right direction, but you know that nobody can say “so it’s only 37 hours until your baby is born now” but it’s definitely approaching. How exciting!

    I had back labor with my son, because he was a “Sterngucker” meaning he was facing upwards, towards my belly, not towards my back. Do you know which direction your baby is facing? (towards the back is “normal”)

    Funny, my ob-gyn did a pelvic exam at each and every appt.

    And you shouldn’t be up on ladders trying to push electric drills into the ceiling – make Rainer do that before he’s allowed to have supper :-)

  • Bowleserised

    Blimey! Good luck to all three of you, sounds as if Oliver is on his way!

  • christina

    Wowee, nesting mode! Could be any time now. I think you’ll know when you’re having the real contractions, they’re pretty regular. With my second child they did feel like bad intestinal cramps.

  • barbara

    Hi Christina,
    Your friends are counting the days with you, Rainer and of course, Oliver.
    That sounds like serious stuff, your cleaning urge!
    Getting your nest all ready for your angel.

    Even if you felt out of it at the last birthing class, that’s nice if Rainer felt positive about it.

    You take it easy, and P.S. , I did take your thinking quiz 2 posts down; Result enclosed.

  • ChristinaG

    @martina: Last week, he was facing towards my left side. I don’t know how he’s facing now, but his movements haven’t really changed, so I guess he’s in the same position. – I wish the doc had done a pelvic, as she could have said if the cervic was starting to efface or not. I’d think that would happen a day or so before the birth starts. – And Rainer will be doing all further ladder work 😉

    @Bowleserised: Thanks!

    @christina: People who’ve already given birth have told me that I’ll know when it’s really labor, so I figure if there’s any confusion about it, it’s not real.

    @barbara: Yes, I’m glad that Rainer felt positive about it. Even if it gets on my nerves, it’s worth going just for that.

  • BiB

    It does all sound exciting. And – expert that I am in these matters – it sounds close too. One part of my family mythology is that some aunt or other still had to do the washing and hang it out on the line even when she was in labour. Or something like that.

    I trust you’ll be live-blogging the event, in any case. We can’t be kept waiting for news, after all…

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like Martina’s son didn’t see the doll-through-the-fabric-pelvis-demonstration :-)

    Will you write a quick post before you leave to the hospital?

  • ChristinaG

    @BiB: Yes, live-blogging, I can see that happening! LOL! 😉

    @Anon: If, as they say in the books, you have some time in labor before going to the hospital, I will certainly give you all a heads up. But one never knows!

  • Andrea

    Nesting :) It’s fun isn’t it? Shame it only happens when you are pg (my house could do with some nesting if you want to drop by). We used to walk around Home Depot at night for hours because I’d have contractions, but I’d get home and they’d stop. To this day the kids favorite color is orange. Go figure.
    You’re in the final stretch!

  • ChristinaG

    @andrea: I don’t know that nesting is that much fun 😉 More like being a little bit manic! 2-6 weeks to go!

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