I missed it???

by Christina Geyer on January 13, 2007 · 4 comments

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Well, with my fatigue, bloating, and queasiness filled life, I managed to miss noticing Delurking Week, which officially ended yesterday. Oh the humanity! Anyways, I hope that you will grant me an extension, because considering that I get over 100 unique hits a day now, there’s clearly a lot more of you out there than I know about. So, please, take a moment to brighten my day by making a comment. Just click on the “# comments” at the bottom of this post, introduce yourself, or whatever… then feel free to go back to lurking until next year when I am hopefully paying a little more attention to what week it is. 😉


  • Vicky

    Ooga Booga.

  • Maria

    Me? Lurk? Bwaa haaa haaa haa hmph! NEVER! :)

  • Rositta

    delurking?? what the heck is all that blogging talk… I guess I missed it too. I get lots of hits but rarely comments, oh well, sigh. That’s life I guess. I’m a German chick who is now Canadian, love reading the experiences foreigners have in my old homeland, ciao..:)

  • Christina

    Hey Vicky and Maria! And nice to meet you Rositta. I enjoyed your blog and have bookmarked it!

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