See you in Bonn!

by Christina Geyer on November 5, 2006 · 2 comments

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Just a reminder, the Second Whiney Expat Blogger in Germany Meet Up will be in Bonn on the 18th & 19th of this month (in two weeks, that is). I will almost certainly be there. We have the 20th free for sight-seeing, then I have a job interview on the 21st in Regensburg! Rainer says that he thinks we could do the Romantic Road tour on the 20th, but it might be more romantic to do it sometime other than November.

I’ve had a crazy non-stop couple of days. I found out last minute that there was a Stammtisch in Berlin Thursday night, so I rushed over to Prenzlauer Berg (rushed as in sat in public transport for an hour and 40 minutes), where I had a blast. Unfortunately, after taking the last S-train out to Potsdam, I missed the night bus and had to go to a hotel to call a taxi (the night bus leaves from Griebnitzsee, where there is NOTHING). I managed to get to bed at 3am, only to be awoken by repeated phone calls at ungodly early hours of the morning. So, with very little sleep, I rushed over to Lynn’s place Friday afternoon for Giorgia’s 2nd birthday party. She’s very cute and has been helping me work through my fear of interacting with kids.

This morning, Charlie had his vet checkup. Bad news, he needs to wear the cone until Thursday at least, because the wound is not completely closed and there is still a little oozing of secretions. We dropped him at home and rushed over to Berlin-Wedding, where we met Oke Gerke and some other friends for brunch (I shared an office with Oke at Schering). Afterwards, we hit my favorite Asian market in Berlin (Vinh Loi on Müllerstraße). Then we spent the evening arguing about color schemes for the new apartment. I am now declaring that tomorrow is a rest day! -Let’s see if this actually works out.

Email invitations to our Thanksgiving/Going Away/Rainer’s a Professor-Party on November 24th have gone out. If you didn’t get it, I either don’t have your email or you should check your spam folder. If you still didn’t get it and want to come, send me an email at christina_geyer[at]yahoo[dot]com and I’ll send you a copy of the invite.

And now I’m going to sleep – for hopefully a very loooooong time…

  • J

    Glad to hear that you’re coming to the Meet-Up.

    Bad news about the dog, though.

  • Christina

    Yeah, but Charlie’s a trooper. See you in Bonn!

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