Thai Food in Berlin

by Christina Geyer on September 24, 2006 · 7 comments

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In my four years living in or near Berlin, I’ve tried many Thai restaurants, searching for the perfect meal that would make me feel at home again. Most were very dissappointing. To save you time and money, here are my recommendations:

Krua Thai Imbiss at Luxemburger Str 4, near U-Leopoldplatz in Berlin-Wedding, is excellent, authentic, inexpensive, has an extensive menu, and friendly service. 

Thai Cafe Arisa, at Muthesiusstrasse 38, near U-Rathaus Steglitz in Berlin-Steglitz, is also excellent. It’s located next to the Thai embassy and started as a catering service for the embassy. When I lived in Berlin, it was only open Monday-Friday for lunch, but says it’s open daily from 9am-11pm. As of two years ago, it was cheap, with almost no menu, but they would make whatever I asked for, as long as they had the ingredients on hand. This may have changed if they are now a full-time restaurant, but on my last visit, the place seemed to be closed. 

Kien-du at Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 89, near U-Bismarckstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg, is more expensive, but makes up for that with a nice atmosphere. It’s good, but not quite excellent, Thai food.

In Potsdam, Sala Thai at Dortustrasse 71C is great too. It’s a chain that has locations in Berlin, Hamburg, and Kiel as well.

As far as Asia shops go, I recommend the Vinh Loi Asien-Supermarkt chains. My favorite Vinh Loi is at Müllerstraße 40 near U-Seestrasse in Berlin-Wedding. It has more selection and is less crowded than the one in Berlin-Steglitz at Rheinstraße 44-46 near U-Walter-Schreiber-Platz. There is also a location at Ansbacher Str. 16 near U-Wittenbergplatz.

Any places or tips you’d like to add?

  • J

    I’ve never had Thai food in Germany. I visit Thailand at the end of every year and prefer the authentic stuff. After attempting to find good Mex food her in Germany and being unsuccessful, I don’t want to do the same with Thai.

  • Christina

    Well, I did have to try A LOT of Thai restaurants, but I found two in Berlin I consider authentic and one that is pretty close. I spent a lot of my childhood in Thailand and my mom has a successful Thai restaurant in the DC area, so I think I can judge authenticity. But I have yet to find a Mexican restaurant I would rate higher than okay. I think it’s just that there are not a lot of Mexicans in Germany. My mom also said there were some good Thai restaurants in Frankfurt back in the seventies (my dad was stationed over here for a while).

  • Stacy McMahon

    I think it’s just that there are not a lot of Mexicans in Germany.

    We’ve got extra if you want some…


    Seriously though, I’ve always had the impression that there was a certain connection between Germany and the SW United States. I guess it doesn’t translate into restaurants, eh?

  • Christina

    Hahaha :-)

    I don’t know about the Germany and southwest US connection, unless you mean the typical vacation tour made by Germans visiting the US, that hits LA, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite, and San Fransisco. But alas no, it doesn’t translate to restaurants.

  • vailian

    Visiting my brother last week, he took us to a wonderful Thai place in Arlington, much better than any place I have been to here in cologne (although there are a couple of pretty good ones here)

  • Christina

    You should tell your brother about Siam Classic ( at 9403 East Street in Manassas. It’s a bit of a drive from Arlington, but Stacy lives in Arlington too and thought it was worth the trip. (It’s my mom’s place) 😉

  • vailian

    I will definitely tell him, he loves Thai cooking! and he is a producer for NPR (Weekend Edition Sunday) so maybe your mom will get a plug!

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