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by Christina Geyer on March 10, 2006 · 0 comments

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there is something to be said for giving children slightly more unique names. In my family tree research of a great-great-something aunt Charlotte Griffith, I found that she married a guy named Thomas Clark who died in 1863 in Arkansas. Since he was born in Indiana and they lived in Iowa, I’m guessing he died in the civil war and I thought there might be an interesting story there, since there are civil war records available. Do you know how many freakin’ Thomas Clark’s there were who served in the Union Army and died in Arkansas? It’s unbelievable. I have no way of knowing which one is which. Additionally, his full name was Thomas Jefferson Clark, which was apparently an extremely popular name, because the Thomas Jefferson Clark’s around in the 1860’s could populate a small city.

It snowed again last night . In a fit of sleeplessness, I took Charlie out for a long walk after midnight and noticed that I seemed to be following my own footprints. It appears that there is someone else in the neighborhood who has a pair of size 9 Land’s End All-Weather clogs. Hmmm….

Grandpa’s in the hospital, did I mention that before? I think I did actually and it takes too darn long for the pages to load so I’m not checking. He was supposed to get a stint put into his esophagus last night to allow him to eat and drink again. I need to call home and see how he is, but since I didn’t get a middle of the night phone call, I’m guessing it couldn’t have gone too badly.

Okay, laters….

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