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by Christina Geyer on November 6, 2005 · 1 comment

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I haven’t been much in the mood for posting recently (obviously). My grandfather hasn’t been feeling well and it turns out he has esophageal cancer. My aunt has also been having some problems and her doctor is currently running tests on her.

My plan was to spend Christmas with Rainer and his family this year, but now I’m not sure about my plans.

I also hope that the Alaskan wilderness isn’t opened to oil prospecting. Money should be put into researching alternative fuels. The amount of oil in the Earth is not infinite and at the rate of US consumption and the growth of India and China, even if 10 billion new barrels are found, it will not extend the availability of oil for long.

Overall, I’m just pretty depressed right now.

  • Karla

    Here’s hoping (from a complete stranger, also living in Europe) that you’re now feeling better. I ran across your site after adding “house rabbits” to my interest list and your site reminds me to add the House Rabbit Society to my links, so consider it a good deed done.

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