Where have I been!?!

by Christina Geyer on October 9, 2005 · 0 comments

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Tobias and Katrin’s wedding was cool, especially because our hotel room didn’t have any heat. We still had to pay full price. This would never fly in the US.

I’m juggling many computer projects, which is a pain (literally and figuratively), because I can’t sit at the computer all day. I’m working on a budget using Money, trying to work on my family tree, trying to make photo tours of the places we visited in September with my aunt, and trying to rewrite the code for my webpage. I’m not actually changing much of the look, just trying to make the code look better, as it is currently super-crappy looking.

Rainer and his group are hosting a workshop this weekend, so he’s only here for sleeping. Next weekend he’s going to be in Portugal.

Charlie is a total maniac since returning from the kennel. He doesn’t listen to us at all and is acting very dominant. What happened there??? I guess he got to be the boss of all the dogs and has a big head about it now. I dunno. Anyway, it’s creating a lot of work for me as I try to get him back to proper form.

Rainer doesn’t want to get Charlie neutered, because he won’t be a “man” anymore. What’s with men and their balls? If I didn’t want to possibly have kids one day, I wouldn’t miss having ovaries at all. It’d be nice not to have to worry about periods.

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