Frayed nerves

by Christina Geyer on March 23, 2005 · 0 comments

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The search for an apartment in Berlin continues. We didn’t get our “perfect” apartment. The owner picked one of the other applicants. Well, his loss. This coming weekend is a major 4-day holiday in Germany, so nothing is going on. We’ll make another big search after Easter.

I’ve been researching genealogy recently. I’ve got most of my direct ancestors on my father’s side back to when they first came to the US (1800’s or so). My mother’s side will be very difficult. Once it gets to my Chinese great-grandparents, I have no idea how to continue the research. I know Chinese keep very good records, but there are relatively few Chinese surnames, and I don’t know any Chinese. I’ll put my tree up on my website when I get it a little better fleshed out. Tracking my relatives in Germany should prove easier. Plus, they were all Catholics, so I should be able to search the church registries. On my dad’s side at least, I come from a LONG line of farmers. But supposedly Vitis Geyer (German) worked in a brewery and was killed when he was run over by a beer truck. Interesting. His son, Franciscus Geyer, is the Geyer who came to the US. Rainer says they must have been thrown out for being weird overly religious types, because they were naming their kids after Roman saints.

There is a movie on right now that is truly disturbing. “Sturz ins Leere” (I’m too lazy to get up and find the English title). It’s about these crazy mountain climbers who decided to try to climb a mountain that had never been successfully summitted, without telling anyone what they were up to. Anyways, one guy falls feet first and his tibia went through his knee, then splintered his femur. AAARRGGGHH! Eventually, he has to make his way down the mountain and every time weight is on his hurt leg, he screams. The idea of this makes me want to hurl repeatedly. He calmly describes this feeling in the interview segments as being “very, very painful”. A very, very, British answer.

I watched “The Affair of the Necklace” on cable tonight. I thought it was pretty good. I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s not as terrible as all the reviews made it out to be. I had no complaints about the performance of the actors, although I thought the direction, camera work and editing was a bit dodgy.

I also recently saw “Unconditional Love”, a movie with Kathy Bates, Dan Ackroyd, and Rupert Everett. It was pretty amusing, and Rupert is very yummy. It’s about this housewife (Bates) who is left by her husband (Ackroyd). She gets obsessed about this Liberace/Barry Manilo-style singer and on the night she is to see him sing, he gets killed by a serial killer. So she flies to England and hooks up with the singer’s boyfriend (Everett) and they attempt to track down the killer. I recommend it as a lighthearted rental.

I just got over some weird one-day stomach flu thing that struck yesterday. I’m having no tummy trouble today. Strange, but welcome.

Oh yeah, my big news:
The insurance company approved, so in June I will be spending 3 weeks in a rehabilitation clinic on the seashore!

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