Cwazy Wabbits

by Christina Geyer on February 22, 2005 · 0 comments

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The other day, Franklin stole a piece of Melba toast out of the cabinet while I had it open. Tonight, he stole the whole package. I had to laugh before retrieving it. Imagine a big white bunny proudly dragging a large bag of Melba toast to his cage.

I still wonder how, years ago, Grumpy managed to carry a peach from a fruit bowl on my desk and deposit it half eaten under the kitchen table. He’s a little bunny and peaches are heavy. Was probably also a hilarious site.

Rainer also informed me that over the weekend, Franklin filled his food bowl with an inch of pee. Not sure what message this was supposed to send. Rainer is threatening that if Franklin does it again, he will just pour the pellets into the pee.

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