Here comes China

by Christina Geyer on February 17, 2005 · 1 comment

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Today it was announced that Chinese GDP had surpassed the US. China is consuming more than the United States now, but per capita consumption is still FAR below that of the US. What does that mean? Chinese consumption is just going to go up up and up. US: Sole economic superpower? Not for long.

It is also the last stand of white America. According to current projections, by 2050 there will be no majority ethnic groups in the US. So, the minorities will be the majority. Asians are the fastest growing group, closely followed by Hispanics.

I’m working on a general trivia quiz for Funtrivia now with the theme of “a day in my life”. I will probably submit it today or tomorrow. All I need to do is proofread it.

My back is finally doing better. I’m doing back exercises three times a week with the physical therapist and everyday I’m doing some on my own.

Just a little over a week till my last day at work. I’ve decided my job after that will be training the puppy we’re getting and learning Thai. I’m half-Thai, I ought to speak the language. I’m going to be a Renaissance woman now and spend my days learning.

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    I’ve been reading about China’s consumption for a while. I think Americans are going to be saddened when demand for those things we use in abundance (and squander away!) drives prices even higher. My sister is a realtor in Florida and apparently concrete for construction is expensive due to a lot of it going to the Yangtze River dam. Of course, the “big one” is gasoline — what are we going to do when the Chinese buy more and more cars — lets hope they opt for the “Smart Car” that hasn’t made its way into the US yet instead of being gas hogs and driving SUVs like us. Because — its all about “us”, you know. :)

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