by Christina Geyer on January 12, 2005 · 0 comments

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Today I gave notice at work. I’ll be there until the end of March, then I’m moving back to Berlin at the end of April. I’ll miss Rostock. Hopefully I can find a cool, relaxing place in Berlin. I really want a garden! But, we’ll see how it goes.

Rainer and I were looking at adopting a Chinese baby, but this is not legally possible in Germany. I still want to do this when we move back to the US. Maybe my back will be better soon and we can have some babies of our own.

Ya know what sucks? When I’m in pain, I get hot flashes and start sweating like a pig. I tried to attend a seminar today (simulating mortality surfaces) and had to leave half way through because I had sweated through my t-shirt. Everyone else was in sweaters.

Oh god, I’m gonna be 30 in exactly 2 months… how did this happen?

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